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Erosion Molly INSTINCTOY exclusive "Fantasia"


Sorry, Lot has ended.

  • Erosion Molly INSTINCTOY exclusive
  • Erosion Molly INSTINCTOY exclusive
  • Erosion Molly INSTINCTOY exclusive
  • Erosion Molly INSTINCTOY exclusive

Entry Period: Aug 7, 2017 (Monday) till Aug 9 (Wednesday) 2359h.
Prize announcement: Emails will be posted on Aug 10, 2017 (Thursday) until 1900h.
We will contact the lottery winners on Aug 10 (Thursday) by 1900h. (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. After Aug 10, if you have any questions regarding the lottery result, please contact us.) We will start shipping on Aug 11th.

《Terms & Conditions》

・This is a limited product, and only one lottery entry is accepted for each individual postal address. The Application with the same address will be took as invalid.

・When the winners get the invoice, please make the payment within 1 week. The deadline for the payment is at 1500h (Japan time) on 18th August(Friday). Any unresolved orders will be cancelled.

・If you fail to win at the lottery and hope to wait for cancellations from other winners, plese make a note in your email, stating “I would like to wait for cancellation” when you place your lottery application. If there is any cancellation of orders, we will run another lottery again and only the winner will get our announcement. Please note that because the long-term summer holiday, the shipment for the order from the cancellation will only be after 4th September.

・These are very popular items. We hope to have more customers getting them so we will not accept applications from customers who had already got them at the toy exhibitions.

・Customers who want to join the lottery have to agree to the <Terms & Conditions>.

<Product Details >
- Limited to 300 units(only 77 units available at lottery sale)
- Size: Approximately 240mm
- Package Size: 270x180x180mm
※The mini Liquid/mini Ice LIQUID on the 4th image are not included.

As these figures are coated by hand, there may be variations in each figure. We seek your kind understanding in this.

【EMS Shipping and Shipping Fee】
Asia-<<2,400 yen>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East-<<3,300 yen>>
Europe-<<3,650 yen>>
South America, Africa-<<4,900 yen>>

Payment is accepted in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
(The total price will be calculated based on the {toy price} + {shipping fee})

抽選報名期間: 8月7日(一)至8月9日(三)23:59分止.
我們在8月10日(四)19點前發信件給中獎者. (※ 唯有中獎者會收到通知. 8月10日過後若有開獎的任何問題請跟我們聯絡.) 8月11日開始發貨.

・因為這是限定商品, 同一住所只能報名一次. 重覆將被視為無效.

・中獎者請務必在收到請款單後的一週付款. 付款期限至日本時間8月18日(五). 超過時間的話, 本次的中獎就會被取消.

・假如您沒有中獎卻想等候其他中獎者取消訂單的話, 請再申請的同時備註”我願意等候他人的取消訂單”. 若真的有商品被取消的話, 我們會再次的進行抽選的程序, 並通知得獎主. 請熟知, 這個二次抽選的訂單, 由於暑假期間的臨時歇業的關係, 寄送將在9月4日之後.

・由於這兩款作品都是人氣商品, 我們希望有更多收藏家可以入手, 所以已經在玩具展中購入的客人, 請不要報名. 之前同樣商品得獎過的客人, 我們也會取消您這次的報名.


- 尺寸: 約240m
- 包裝箱尺寸: 270x180x180mm
※第四章的照片中, mini Liquid/mini Ice LIQUID都是另外販售, 不包含在此作品裡.
※請熟知這作品是以手工上色, 同樣的作品也許會有些許的差異.

亞洲-<<2,400 yen>>

經由PayPal匯款 使用日幣請款單.
(總金額(玩具) + 國際運費)