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LIFE with LIQUID 3rd color "Rainbow Clear" Suction Cup SET (3 pieces)


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  • LIFE with LIQUID 3rd color

Customers can apply for both the FULL SET as well as the Suction Cup SET. Please note that if you apply for both, you can only win either one. Please note that due to this being a online lottery sale, depending on the number of applications, there is a possibility that you may not win any set.
Entry Period: July 18, 2020 (Saturday) till July 22 (Wednesday) 2359h (Japan Time).
Winners announcement: Winning notification emails will be sent out on July 28, 2020 (Tuesday) until 1900h (Japan Time).
(※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. We will start shipping on August 4.

《Terms & Conditions 》
Please note that due to a system change regarding EMS shipments, the NAME and ADDRESS provided in the application has to be in English. We cannot accept applications using Chinese characters in the Name and Address field anymore. We kindly ask for your understanding.
・These products are available in limited numbers, so only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.
・Customers can send an application form only once. We will not accept more than one application from the same person.
・The winners' personal information (name/address) cannot be changed after the winning notification has been sent out. Therefore, at the time of registration, please make sure your information is correct before signing up.
・If we detect that customers are using a false name to make multiple registrations using the same address or the same PayPal account, the relevant application(s) will be automatically cancelled. Please make sure to sign up with your own profile.
・If you have a Facebook account or Instagram, please paste your account link in the remarks column when you make your application. (※ For this lottery sale, we have prepared a special selection for customers who submit their social network account in their applications. However, if we find out that anyone is using any social network account belonging to someone else, we will cancel the registration. We ask for your understanding. If you do not use social networks, or if you have forgotten to provide your social network account, there is no need for concern. We have also reserved a certain number of lottery items for applicants who do not provide social network account information.)
・Please note that applications cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.
・Customers who have previously cancelled their order or did not make their payment are not allowed to join our lottery.
・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 1 week.
・Customers will need to pay for the shipping fee besides the product prices.
・Please understand the【Terms & Conditions】before you enter the lottery.

<Product Details >
- Suction Cup Set (3 pieces): the 3 Life with Liquid figures from the 3rd color "Rainbow Clear" series that have a suction cup on the back
- Size: approx. 5.5cm x 4.5cm per piece
- Package Size: 145x90mm
As these figures are coated by hand, there may be variations in each figure. We seek your kind understanding in this.

Payment is accepted in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
(The total price will be calculated based on the {toy price} + {shipping fee}+{5% Handling fee} ))

【EMS Shipping and Shipping Fee】
Asia-<<1,440 yen>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East-<<2,040 yen>>
Europe-<<2,240 yen>>
South America, Africa-<<2,440 yen>>

※Because EMS suspended its service to the US and Indonesia among other countries, orders from customers residing in the US and Indonesia will be shipped via Yamato Transport.
【Yamato Trans. Shipping and Shipping Fee】
USA-<<3,000 yen>>
Indonesia-<<2,300 yen>>

Due to the current global COVID-19 situation, there may be delays regarding worldwide shipments. We kindly ask for your understanding that once shipped out via EMS Japan, if you would like to receive further information about the shipping status of your order, please contact your local EMS office.
※By applying, you agree to the terms and conditions stated here.

關於Life with Liquid系列,有分三件組(三件組吸盤款) 及五件組。報名者可以兩者都報名,但若中獎的話,也只會贏得其中一組。由於是抽選販售,兩者也有可能都沒有中獎,敬請理解。
抽選報名期間: 7月18日(六)至7月22日(三)23:59分止.
我們在7月28日(二)19點前發信件給中獎者. 8月4日開始發貨.

・因為這是限定商品, 一位參加者只能中獎一次.
・若持有臉書或者Instagram, 請在報名抽選時, 將連結貼在報名時出現的備註欄中. (※本次抽選有準備一部分為有使用社群網路的客人中進行抽選。但是若我們發現盜用他人社群頁面的人,我們會取消報名資格,這部分也不會通知,敬請見諒。若沒有使用社群網路或者忘記填入連結,也請不要擔心,還是有準備數量給此部分客人抽選。)
・請熟知這是限定商品, 報名截止日過後不得取消訂單.
・若過去有取消訂單沒付款的客人, 則沒不能參加這次的抽選.
・在收到PayPal請款單後, 請在7日間完成付款.
・國際運費及 作業處理額外費用5%都不包含.

- 吸盤款組(三件):包含了第三系列"Rainbow Clear"中的三個帶有吸盤的款式
- 尺寸: - 5.5cm x 4.5cm(一个)
- 包裝箱尺寸: 145x90mm
※請熟知這作品是以手工上色, 同樣的作品也許會有些許的差異.

亞洲-<<1,440 yen>>

【EMS至中國】<<1,440 yen>>
由於目前發貨窗口暫時關閉,客人若完成款項,我們可以保留商品至EMS再次開放寄送時。 目前尚未公布再次開放的時間。
【SF至中國】<<2,200 yen>>


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